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Heather El-Zein


Resident in Counseling

Heather El-Zein enters the behavioral healthcare field with an understanding of the need for holistic treatment and an appreciation for experienced clinicians. El-Zein, who worked in outreach and administrative capacities for some of the nation’s largest treatment provider organizations before pursuing her own treatment credentials, is familiar with the needs of people seeking recovery and the barriers that sometimes limit their ability to achieve optimal outcomes. 

Heather quickly identified New Paradigm Recovery as an ideal internship location at which to complete her training requirements. She was acquainted with a New Paradigm team member, and her instincts about the program were reinforced by trusted colleagues who assured Heather that New Paradigm provided the clinical leadership and breadth of programming she was seeking.

“I was convinced that I wanted to train at New Paradigm from the moment I watched how Cindy Sample facilitated a group therapy session. While I have sat in on many group sessions, I have never seen a clinician so quickly assess and respond to clients’ needs. Cindy quite literally altered the agenda of the second half of the meeting to address the needs identified in the first half. I felt like this was a clinical director and team I could learn a tremendous amount from and a program that supported this caliber of practitioner,” says El-Zein. El-Zein saw more of the same from other New paradigm clinicians who spend significant time with clients and ask the deeper questions that get to the heart of issues.

Heather finds the concierge-style approach and holistic nature of treatment plans particularly resonant because she believes that many individuals and families struggle to receive the highly personalized attention and services they need from some providers. The fact that New Paradigm Treatment is a private, direct-pay program designed to tailor therapies and services to meet more client needs will allow Heather to be a part of comprehensive treatment plans that include intensive case management services, extensive family system work, and therapy, and trauma treatment. 

“Heather is exactly the kind of person we hope to see becoming a clinician. She has the ability to establish an authentic and trusting connection with people, listen carefully, and work well with colleagues. She also has the lived experience and compassion that create alliances with people seeking recovery, which is very important in this work. She will make an important contribution to clients, and we’re thrilled she chose New Paradigm as her training site.” — Steffanie Kelshaw, LPC, CSAC, Heather’s clinical supervisor.

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