Interventions ... a wake up call

Loved ones of addicts and alcoholics shoulder an incredible burden. They live their lives under the constant stress of their friend or family member's descent into addiction. On the other hand, the fear of confrontation and the hesitancy to acknowledge a problem often prevents them from offering true help to an addict or alcoholic. If drugs and alcohol have negatively impacted an individual's life and relationships, then help is urgently needed, and there are no people better empowered to help those in need than their friends and family. By showing their support through an intervention, they just may be able to get their loved one into treatment.

Is an intervention right for us?

New Paradigm Recovery works with trusted professional interventionists as part of our extensive continuum of care. We recognize the great difficulty involved in getting an alcoholic or addict to seek treatment and the overwhelming logistical burden that loved one’s face in trying to organize an intervention. You must, of course, begin by recognizing the signs of addiction.  From that point we bring an interventionist to your aid.  In turn, they bring structure and support to the process, and offer you and your loved one the greatest opportunities for successful recovery.

Signs of addiction Include

  • Denial over their inability to stop drinking
  • Aggression or hostility whenever their drinking is mentioned
  • Decline in quality of life due to preoccupation with drinking
  • Frequent solitary alcohol consumption
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol

Interventions May Prevent

  • Contraction of infectious diseases
  • Incarceration
  • Long-term degenerative health problems
  • Overdose
  • Death

An Intervention Will

  • Moderate the process to keep communication clear and constructive
  • Arrange treatment and provide transportation, allowing for quick placement into one of our programs
  • Monitor the treatment process and keep family members informed of progress
  • Provide objective, honest assessment of the family dynamic and ways to strengthen relationships
intervention outcome

The Courage, Strength, hope, and Experience to Help

An intervention is an emotionally charged process. Many times, they're difficult to even complete because of hurt feelings, hostility, and judgment. Our intervention specialists (interventionists) at New Paradigm Recovery assist clients in selecting the right people to have at the intervention based on an analysis of each family’s dynamic. The interventionist is an integral part of the process and can be instrumental in the resolution of conflicts. We work to establish trust and understanding with clients and their addicted loved ones. The goal of each intervention is to get your loved one to accept that they need professional treatment to get better.

Most of all, interventionists are trained to help a family distinguish between love and codependent behavior. Together with family and friends, they explore any possible interaction that may have exacerbated addiction for the loved one in order to develop a long-term plan of familial support that is built on honesty, not judgment.

Once treatment is accepted, the interventionist will quickly help to place the client in a program and even provide transportation services to our facility - or a medical or residential care facility if that's warranted.

They Won't Get Better on Their Own

The sooner we start the intervention process, the sooner your loved one can get the help they need and revert to the loving, caring, energetic individual you used to know. By mobilizing and enlisting the help of one of our professional interventionists from New Paradigm Recovery, you're sending a clear message of love and compassion.