What makes new paradigm recovery unique?

Put simply: addiction is a systemic problem.

There is a profound systemic issue with attachment when dealing with addiction.  Those suffering from addiction also struggle with trusting relationships and developing meaningful attachments to those around them - particularly those who love them the most.

Men and women struggling with substance use, due to these insecure attachments, may feel very isolated, misunderstood, alienated, and alone.  Substance abuse, through an attachment lens, is an attempt to regulate affect, relational distress, or emotional disturbance. Thus, substance abuse is often associated with insecure attachment and relationship concerns, including the martial relationship, and childhood attachment.  At New Paradigm Recovery we understand the pervasive nature of addiction, and seek to help the family find recovery - not just the client.

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Intensive Outpatient Care

Treatment for addiction is not the last resort; it's the first step toward discovering what your life can be without the influence of addiction.  With Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP) you don't need to be removed from your daily life in order to change your life.

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Addiction Treatment

What are the costs of having drugs and alcohol as a part of our lives?  And the better question is simply this: how do we regain things that we've lost?  Treatment is not the last resort.  It's the first step towards exploring the ways that you can push the reset button on all of the things that have gone wrong.

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Family Treatment

We know that addiction is not a one-person problem; our goal is to help families find recovery in the home.  This suggests that recovery isn't just about the addict or alcoholic, but about the family, employer, and community.  Our client includes their family.

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When it comes to treating drug and alcohol dependency, many drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs center their focus solely on the effects of the addiction. At New Paradigm Recovery, we've found that substance abuse issues are often symptoms of another disorder or the result of a traumatic experience. Therefore, our philosophy is to treat the individual and the underlying causes of the addiction, not just their symptoms.

Defend yourself against Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency

It's not uncommon for drug and alcohol abuse to co-exist, whether it’s mixing pills with alcohol or nurturing two parallel addictions simultaneously. New Paradigm Recovery offers comprehensive treatment programs to clients struggling with singular and multiple addictive disorders, helping them to restore them to health and independence.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Can Have Tremendous Benefits

One of the main reasons addicts fail to break their damaging substance abuse habits is that they are repeatedly placed back in the same toxic environments and circumstances. Since they haven't yet learned how to modify their behavior and their responses, it is sometimes critical that they receive intensive treatment included as part of their everyday lives. The intensive outpatient rehabilitation program at New Paradigm Recovery provides discrete, comfortable, expert substance abuse care for the whole family in a safe and supportive environment.


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Member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine

New Paradigm Recovery is proud to be a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.  As a member of ASAM, we are a part of an innovative and growing professional community of over 7,000 members and 40 state chapters transforming addiction treatment and care.

ASAM is dedicated to enhancing our practice with transformative education on addiction treatment and collaborative opportunities for lasting connections with experts in the field.

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