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Addiction Treatment in Washington DC

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Making Change by Changing Treatment

A new approach to addiction treatment and mental healthcare for those compelled to change

New Paradigm Recovery combines concierge-level service, close partnership, strong therapeutic alliance, and thoughtful case management to give people who are ready to address addiction and mental health disorders every opportunity to succeed and improve the overall quality of their lives. Attention to detail, care quality, and the commitment of one’s care team can mean the difference between achieving lasting recovery and needing additional treatment. For this reason, we work closely with individuals and families to provide the treatment, services, support, and relationships needed to effect lasting change.

Addiction Treatment Program

Expert caregivers coordinating the high-quality, comprehensive addiction treatment services you need to succeed

Substance use, addiction, and co-occurring mental health conditions are complex medical conditions requiring holistic treatment approaches. New Paradigm Recovery integrates psychiatry, evidence-based psychotherapies, case management services, family system work, ongoing care planning, and other services to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families affected by addiction and mental health problems.

Integrated Psychiatry

Mental Healthcare Program

Leading clinicians working side-by-side with clients and families to restore mental health and well-being

New Paradigm Recovery Outpatient Mental Health Program provides highly personalized mental healthcare to help adults experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD, anger and rage, bipolar personality disorder, mood disorders, and more. Talented and compassionate providers skilled in numerous treatment methods and approaches and available psychiatric prescribing services create an especially comfortable and effective treatment solution.

Message from Leadership

Learn Where We’re Coming From & What We’re About

Hear our founders and leadership team discuss why New Paradigm Recovery was created, how we think about concierge-style addiction treatment and mental healthcare, and why we are so deeply committed to doing this vital work. 

Quality You Can Trust, Experience You Can Feel

Member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine


Have a private conversation with an experienced team member to determine if New Paradigm Recovery is an appropriate treatment resource for you or your loved one.

Learn From Our Vlog

Exploring Issues That Matter to Clients & Caregivers

Behavioral healthcare, which covers a broad gamut encompassing addiction treatment, mental healthcare, and wellness, can seem opaque to the uninitiated. Even seasoned clinicians are often so busy helping clients and families or complying with mandatory paperwork requirements that learning more can become a chore. The New Paradigm Recovery vlog is an informative video series welcoming professionals from across the behavioral healthcare field to share meaningful insights about their work, the issues affecting individuals and families, and reasons to be hopeful. These conversational interviews are intended for those experiencing the effects of behavioral health conditions and care professionals providing treatment and referring individuals and families to treatment.

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