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For most people, establishing lasting recovery from behavioral health disorders requires significantly more than a successful treatment episode. Substance use and mental health disorders are chronic conditions driven by numerous biological, psychological, and social problems. The longer individuals live with untreated substance use disorders, the more deeply ingrained these problems become. The same is true for family systems. Family members become more traumatized the longer they experience untreated substance use disorder symptoms. Therefore, increasing the chances of sustained recovery requires ongoing care and addressing these deep-seated and longstanding issues and the ability to experience a high quality of life without using substances.

Developing the ability to maintain recovery often requires changes to patterns of behavior and belief, lifestyle and relationship changes, the building of new support systems, professional services, wellness routines, ongoing medical care and supervision, family therapy, and more. Maintaining recovery means creating a life in which one can feel comfortable and fulfilled without experiencing severe mental health symptoms and the need to use substances to feel normal. However, making these changes and finding high-quality supportive resources can be challenging. 

Because New Paradigm Recovery can provide personalized case management before, during, and after treatment, it can help individuals and families create and actualize aftercare plans that address each person’s needs and ensure plan adherence. New Paradigm team members are familiar with a wide range of exceptional caregivers, specialists, professional services, and wellness providers with whom they collaborate to help clients support ongoing recovery and get the specialized help they need. 

Additionally, the New Paradigm Recovery Outpatient Program allows clients to seamlessly continue treatment after completing intensive outpatient treatment. Intensive outpatient program clients who have established a trusting and productive therapeutic relationship with New Paradigm clinicians can continue seeing care team members for outpatient therapy. Whether in-person or virtually, the ability to continue seeing a preferred and trusted psychotherapist can be comforting, reduces the need to refamiliarize a provider with background and treatment history, and more easily facilitates ongoing clinical work on core issues to make longer and more lasting change.

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