Assessment & Evaluation

Comprehensive diagnosis and assessment are the roots of effective treatment.

Substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders are complicated conditions. Physical, psychological, and social side-effects of these conditions vary tremendously. Accurately identifying the reasons clients develop these conditions can dramatically improve treatment success rates and lead to clients feeling more relieved and better able to pursue a happier and more productive life in recovery. 

New Paradigm Recovery provides comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments, collect thorough medical and addiction history, and may refer clients for specialized medical, neurological, or neuropsychological testing. We may also recommend clients to trusted providers of a higher level of care. The purpose of assessment and evaluations is not only to identify root causes for the development of addictive disorders but to determine a complete picture of the holistic side effects these conditions are having on the identified client and family system. 

With the permission of clients, New Paradigm Recovery team members may confer with physicians, previous or current mental healthcare providers, legal professionals, financial advisors and professionals, and others in a position to provide insights that can inform an individualized treatment plan confidentially. 

The findings of assessments and evaluations can materially affect the range of treatment services we recommend to clients or the involvement of other specialists. While some clients may require specialized medical care to address issues related to long-term substance use, others may need help restoring their ability to practice a licensed profession. A significant advantage of working with New Paradigm is the team’s ability to develop a complete picture of a client’s prognosis and related issues and work collaboratively to address them comprehensively.

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