New Paradigm Recovery is a private treatment provider whose leadership team is driven to deliver the highest quality behavioral healthcare. New Paradigm Recovery founders are people who experienced addiction and found recovery. Because they engaged in treatment and succeeded in achieving sustained recovery, they wanted to share these values with the community. This team considers their work to be a crucial mission. 

Clients, client family members, employees, and professional colleagues of New Paradigm Recovery can expect the organization to adhere to the highest level of professionalism and compliance. You can also expect comprehensiveness, partnership, community, solution-oriented approaches, and stigma reduction.


Healthcare is a private and protected matter between clients, their healthcare providers, and parties specifically allowed to participate by clients. Emphasizing client privacy is more than appropriate and required. Most importantly, discretion helps clients feel safe. This is essential to their ability to become open to change and to develop effective alliances with caregivers.


We believe that helping our clients in as many ways as possible offers a better chance of helping them establish and maintain recovery. By providing a highly personalized concierge approach to treatment, we are better able to give clients the attention and services needed to address a range of issues in the treatment milieu, the family system, and the continuum of client care.


Excellent behavioral healthcare should feel like a partnership designed to meet common goals. New Paradigm Recovery works closely with our clients as treatment providers, supportive peers, and advisors. We focus on helping clients not only achieve the ability to discontinue problematic substance use, but to improve their overall quality of life. 

Complete Inclusion and Safety

New Paradigm Recovery is a welcoming and safe environment where every person will feel entirely at home and supported. All too often, the very things that make us beautifully unique, interesting, and diverse human beings — cultural and ethnic heritage, gender identity, spiritual or religious outlook, socioeconomic status, incarceration history, and more — can also be sources of profound trauma. We believe the only time one’s beliefs and backgrounds are relevant is when they allow us to understand what you have experienced and how we can better help you. This belief extends to recommending recovery support groups aligned with client values and ideals.

We also welcome opportunities to learn, grow, and expand our comprehension of the diversity of our human experience. Sometimes, the opportunities arise when clients share aspects of their culture of origin and upbringing with team members and peers.

Our sole priority is your well-being and recovery, no matter who you are, where you are from, or what you believe. You belong here.

Solution-oriented approaches

New Paradigm Recovery respects our clients, the challenges and difficult emotions that are sometimes part of one’s recovery journey, and the practice of providing high-quality treatment. Our approaches are positive, not blaming or punitive. Our focus is on helping clients and families recognize that negative issues resulting from untreated addictive disorders are side effects of the disease of addiction, and we work to make treatment a positive and productive experience. 

Stigma reduction

Substance use and mental health disorders can be heavily stigmatizing conditions. New Paradigm Recovery educates clients, family members, and the community to dispel the myths. The idea that these disorders are the results of poor life choices or moral failure is outdated and damaging. By helping people understand that addiction can affect all people for numerous reasons and that it is a diagnosable and treatable medical condition, we can help to change public opinion that prevents people from getting help.


Community and connection are essential to recovery. New Paradigm Recovery is a community within itself. We provide welcoming comfort, support, and belonging to its clients, alumni, families, team members, and friends. We are active members of Virginia’s recovery communities and provide education, partnership, and cooperation with healthcare providers, government organizations, and private businesses that support the goals of recovery, population health, and well-being. Additionally, New Paradigm is a proud sponsor of community sports teams, events, and activities that provide fellowship, joy, and camaraderie. 

New Paradigm Recovery values community programming to keep local children drug-free. We sponsor local soccer leagues for children and adults to promote a mission of overall health in the community. Numerous studies have shown that children’s participation in team sports decreases the likelihood that they will use drugs.

new paradigm recovery community values arlington soccer drug prevention
New Paradigm Recovery is a proud sponsor of Arlington Soccer.

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