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Integrated Psychiatry

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Continuous advances in addiction medicine are helping people stay in recovery. Integrated psychiatry and addiction care contribute to lasting relief from the underlying mental health disorders that fuel problematic substance use. 

Many people struggling with substance use disorders experience undiagnosed and untreated mental health. Because of these, they often turn to alcohol and drugs to self-medicate. A desire to feel free from the intense negative sensations caused by chronic pain, anxiety disorders, depression, psychosis, and mood disorders can lead people to use available substances to ease their pain or feel more normal. Over time, people need these substances more frequently and in greater quantities to experience the same level of relief, leading to substance use disorder. 

Addiction psychiatrists are vital treatment team members that can help to make detoxification safer and more comfortable. Additionally, they can help reduce substance cravings to help people remain in recovery. Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners can also prescribe medications to address the symptoms of underlying mental health conditions. All of these integrated psychiatry strategies aim to eliminate reasons clients may have for substance use.

New Paradigm Recovery psychiatric praticioners collaborate with the client care team. This team works to diagnose conditions, review medical histories, and prescribe and optimize medications to restore quality of life. Additionally, they work together to support the client’s ability to maintain their recovery. Optimizing medications can take time and require lab tests and other assessments to ensure maximal benefit with minimal side effects. New Paradigm offers the flexibility to see psychiatrists even after completing intensive outpatient treatment.

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