Treating Adults with Addictive Disorders

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New Paradigm Recovery treats adults and emerging adults 18 years of age and older using holistic treatment plans. We address adult addictive disorders, co-occurring mental health conditions, and trauma in our outpatient addiction treatment program. New Paradigm treats individuals committed to improving their quality of life and the lives of their loved ones. We accomplish this by providing them a team of skilled psychiatrists, psychotherapists, case managers, and other specialized care providers. 

Addictive disorders, or substance abuse disorders (SUDs), as defined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), entail problematic patterns of alcohol or drug use. This behavior continues despite adverse consequences such as impaired health, relationships, work, and legal issues.

Addressing the needs of the region

Like many Washington DC Metro area residents, New Paradigm Recovery Clients hail from all walks of life. Because of our Fairfax County location, many of our clients are among the most skilled and experienced private-sector and government professionals, military members, veterans, and college students who share the goal of stopping the problematic substance threatening their health and wellbeing. Moreover, studies find that the Washington, DC area is the stress capital of the nation. Stress, anxiety, perfectionism, and workaholism are detrimental to both physical and mental health and major drivers of substance use disorder (SUD). 

Hear more about the concierge-style care for which New Paradigm Recovery is known from Co-Founder and CEO, Joey Zabel.


We welcome adults of all ages, gender identities, and cultures in this safe and healing environment. We are wholly committed to the best outcomes for every client and family we serve. Our clinical depth and ability to surround clients with personalized treatment and support services means that we can help young adults, for instance, for whom substance use disorders and mental health conditions are preventing them from progressing toward academic and career paths. In addition, we can just as adeptly help older adults whose problematic drinking or substance use has caused them to develop severe illness, to become alienated from family members, and develop debilitating depression and other problems. Most importantly, our value is understanding our client’s goals and developing a holistic plan to treat addictive disorders together.

Our team has the experience to help adults no matter their age, life stage, and addiction history.

New Paradigm Recovery CEO Joey Zabel
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