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Aftercare planning and services can be one of the most crucial aspects of effective treatment. Without careful planning and continued support, the months and years directly following treatment completion can be a scary and fragile time. Most people who return to problematic substance use do so within the first year of completing treatment.

Returning to problem substance use (sometimes referred to as relapse) is understandable and not unexpected. The process of remaining in recovery requires feeling safe, comfortable, and free from the symptoms that cause people to feel compelled to self-medicate. The relatively controlled and supervised treatment environment and the frequency of caregiver interactions at an intensive outpatient level of care help to ensure that people feel highly safe and supported. Leaving this environment means that people must practice the techniques they learned in treatment, continue taking prescribed medications, attend support group meetings, and support their wellness independently.

While it is normal for people to require multiple treatment episodes to achieve lasting recovery, our goal is to provide the treatment thoroughness and longevity needed to reduce this likelihood. Aftercare planning plays an important role in preventing a return to problematic substance use and the need for additional treatment.

Aftercare planning in addiction treatment is identifying and connecting clients to all the resources needed to support recovery and good overall health after completing clinically-indicated treatment. Before clients leave our intensive outpatient treatment program, they receive a personalized aftercare plan that includes doctors and other specialized medical providers, psychiatrists or psychiatric prescribers, outpatient psychotherapists, support group contacts, specialized wellness services, and other vital resources. Clients are also connected to the New Paradigm Recovery alumni program, which offers frequent communication and group meetings. Discharge planning may also include resources for family members, such as support group meetings and family therapists.

As Tyson’s Corner community members, New Paradigm is well connected to high-quality local resources so that we can refer clients to parties we believe will support their ongoing recovery and wellness. New Paradigm team members live, work, and recreate in Northern Virginia and are fixtures in the area’s large and diverse healthcare and recovery communities.

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