Case management

People most satisfied with their treatment experience often cite high-quality case management as a vital ingredient to success.

Addiction treatment case management is an important part of New Paradigm Recovery’s services. The role of a case manager is to thoughtfully coordinate all aspects of a client’s care and services based on an understanding of the needs. Case managers can also directly support clients by organizing interventions, connecting them to resources, making introductions, scheduling appointments, and even helping them comply with their treatment plan. Numerous studies show that case management has a positive effect on drug treatment outcomes.

Case management ensures that personalized and responsive care is being provided and acting as a central point of contact at all stages before, during, and after treatment. In addition to coordination and guidance, case management can help people avoid the pitfalls that lead to repeated substance use, such as polypharmacy, failure to engage in planned treatment and support programming, and a lack of safe and supportive recovery housing. As proactive partners and confidants, case managers also help clients plan for the unforeseen needs successful recovery may entail, including experienced legal services, educational and vocational support, and licensure restoration processes.

New Paradigm Recovery provides some of the most comprehensive and conscientious case management available. Case management service is included as part of New Paradigm Recovery intensive outpatient treatment and as a stand-alone service.

A vital difference in New Paradigm Recovery’s case management services is its ability to work with clients outside its treatment continuum. The ability to access case management as a service gives individuals and families in all stages of the treatment process an expert resource who helps to identify needs and resources and coordinates all aspects of care. Having a partner who skillfully navigates treatment options, works closely with other providers, and prioritizes the client’s recovery goals can make recovery possible.

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