Evaluation & Diagnosis

Evaluation & Diagnosis

Accurate and comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis lead to better mental healthcare outcomes.

New Paradigm Recovery sees clients new to mental healthcare and those who have received previous treatment. All clients entering our mental healthcare program receive a thorough assessment that considers mental health diagnoses, health history, family history, and review of any current medications.

Expert diagnosticians

New Paradigm Recovery medical director Anu Mathew oversees medical and medication history assessments. As an experienced nurse practitioner, Mathew is adept at determining whether clients are experiencing medical conditions that may be causing or exacerbating mental health disorders, such as pain or undiagnosed problems. If necessary, Anu can order lab work or refer clients to specialized neurological or other testing.

Our team of psychologists, led by Cindy Sample, Ph.D., conducts intake assessments that explore the reasons clients are seeking mental healthcare, previous treatment experiences, and many aspects of the client’s home and family life, work life and history, and other factors that may play roles in mental health issues.

The New Paradigm Recovery team collaboratively reviews client input to develop a comprehensive picture and create a thorough treatment plan that addresses as many needs as possible. Ideally, our assessments begin to identify root causes of mental and emotional disturbance that can be effectively treated through psychotherapy, medication, and wellness services.

Coordinating with other client providers

Medical records, clinical notes, and observations from a client’s other treatment providers and support professionals can provide vital information that improves the accuracy and efficiency of mental healthcare. With explicit client permission and consent, New Paradigm team members can coordinate with other client care team members to access important information and glean meaningful insights that allow us to help clients better.