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Anu Mathew


Medical Director

With more than twenty years of direct patient care treating the most acute and emergent medical conditions, Anu Mathew possesses the expertise, skill, and demeanor to assess client needs and prescribe effective treatment objectively. Having nursed pediatric, ICU, and cardiac patients, Anu has helped individuals and families navigate the full spectrum of medical care, including helping people through times of intense crisis. 

Anu is solidly grounded in the philosophy and use of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care — a pillar of highly effective holistic treatment approaches employed by New Paradigm Recovery and other leading treatment providers. Steeped in the practice of approaching patients as whole people and understanding that recovery from complex and chronic diseases requires changes throughout one’s life, Anu can prescribe practical interventions that support recovery for clients and family systems. 

Anu has witnessed both the paralyzing stigma that can reduce the likelihood that individuals and families will seek care and the remarkable recoveries from debilitating diseases when clients, families, and multidisciplinary treatment teams work together. These experiences, combined with Anu’s passion for helping people restore function and well-being brought on by the disease of addiction, led her to move from general medicine to behavioral healthcare. 

“Recent years have seen tremendous leaps in our understanding of behavioral health conditions and the array of medicines and other safe and effective treatment tools. But fear and skepticism around using psychiatric medications and antiquated notions of addiction stop people and families from reaching out for help. One of my goals is to join the New Paradigm Recovery team to dispel these myths and help clients make faster progress toward total health,” says Mathew.

Anu’s role at New Paradigm Recovery allows her to work as part of the client treatment team, closely partnering with clients and colleagues to assess clinical needs and progress, identify potential medical interventions, and prescribe and manage medications to safely reduce cravings and symptoms of underlying mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression. Anu’s training and experience also give insight into the comorbidities that sometimes accompany living with addictive disorders and other physiological health problems that can worsen pain or reduce the quality of life.

Anu works with New Paradigm Recovery clients in its intensive outpatient behavioral health program and clients in its mental health outpatient program.

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