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Psychiatric Prescribing and Medication Management to Improve Client Function and Quality of Life

Psychiatric prescribing and medication management can make a vital difference to people experiencing the negative effects of mental health disorders. New Paradigm Recovery Medical Director Anu Mathew, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC works with our New Paradigm colleagues and a client’s other care providers to thoroughly diagnose clients and recommend medical and other treatments. Mathew also monitors and assesses clients to optimize and manage medications to ensure they are effective, safe, and working in consort with other treatment methods. Anu and her New Paradigm Recovery colleagues believe in comprehensive and holistic treatment approaches that give clients more therapeutic tools and reduce reliance on medication alone.

Medical Director and Psychiatric Prescriber Anu Mathew

Sometimes, Lifestyle Changes and Wellness are The Best Medicine

We encourage clients to modify their lifestyles to improve their mental health whenever possible. Importantly, we also understand that some things in life can be altered and others cannot. We appreciate that change takes time, that clients deal with very real and challenging commitments and demands, and that not everyone has the time or resources needed to make fundamental changes to eliminate the stresses and other factors that can cause or worsen mental health conditions. Physical health, exercise, and good nutrition are often areas that we discuss with clients in addition to providing psychotherapy and medications.

psychiatric prescribing and other holistic approaches to mental health