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The services used to treat addictive disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders and the manner in which these services are provided can make a life-changing difference to clients and families. New Paradigm Recovery coordinates a focused range of services specifically designed to help individuals and families throughout Northern Virginia find recovery, community, and improved quality of life. Clients will find that every New Paradigm team member is a highly trained professional who possesses a calling to serve, mastery of their skills, and a deep and abiding spirit of compassion and desire to help each client find a happier, better quality of life. 

New Paradigm Recovery brings a high degree of clinical sophistication and experience to help clients experiencing complicated impacts of addictive disorders.

Experience teaches us that tailoring treatment, education, and coordinated care services around the needs of each client is crucial because everyone affected by behavioral health disorders experiences different symptoms, side effects, and situations. Our concierge approach to addiction medicine allows New Paradigm Recovery the freedom to select the types of care we offer and to highly customize treatment to meet client needs to achieve better outcomes.

New Paradigm Recovery services include assessment and evaluation, case management, integrated psychiatry, intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient mental healthcare, family therapy, and aftercare services. Together, this range of services allows New Paradigm to partner with clients, guide them through a coordinated continuum of care, and collaborate with high-quality partners to ensure a more cohesive, efficient, and effective treatment experience.

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