Clinical Sophistication Video

New Paradigm Recovery clinical director, Cindy Sample, PhD, discusses our approaches to working with clients. In this video, she outlines how we collaborate and provide a high level of clinical sophistication to benefit clients and families. Finally, she explains some of the modalities used at New Paradigm Recovery. Dr. Sample is both expert in the field of addiction care and also a relatable and sympathetic clinician.

The services used to treat addictive disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders can make a life-changing difference to clients and families. New Paradigm Recovery offers specialized services aimed at helping individuals and families in Northern Virginia achieve recovery. Clients will discover that every member of the New Paradigm team is a skilled professional with a strong commitment to service, expertise in their field, and a deep sense of compassion and dedication to assisting each client in attaining a happier and better quality of life. The commitment and dedication of our team speaks to our values as an organization.

Our experience underscores the importance of tailoring services around each client’s unique needs. With this clinical sophistication, New Paradigm Recovery’s concierge approach to addiction medicine enables us to meticulously customize treatment to optimize outcomes. Since every individual has a unique experience, our clinicians create unique care plans for each client.

Personalized Care

New Paradigm Recovery offers personalized treatment plans, understanding clients’ lives to address mental health issues and addiction effectively. We acknowledge individuality in treatment responses and tailor plans accordingly. We help our clients in as many ways as possible in order to offer them a better chance of establishing and maintaining recovery. By providing a highly personalized concierge approach to treatment, we give clients the attention and services needed to address a range of issues in the treatment milieu, the family system, and the continuum of client care.

Integrated Psychiatry

This level of clinical sophistication extends to our psychiatric services. Our psychiatric providers collaborate with the care team, diagnose conditions, review medical histories, and prescribe medications. They optimize medications gradually, considering lab tests and other assessments for maximum benefit and minimal side effects. Clients can continue seeing psychiatrists post-intensive outpatient treatment for ongoing support.

Experience the difference of concierge-level care.

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