drug and alcohol addiction

At New Paradigm Recovery, we've found that substance abuse issues are often symptoms of another disorder or the result of a traumatic experience. Therefore, our philosophy is to treat the individual and the underlying causes of the addiction, not just their symptoms.


Executives face a unique level of stress, pressure, and anxiety, which is why many executives turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. New Paradigm Recovery's Executive Rehabilitation Program offers discretion to the executive or business owner, providing help for their addictions in a safe and comfortable environment without having to take time away from their careers or businesses.

opiate/opioid addiction

Opiate and opioid addiction has gripped the country and grown to be one of the worst health crises in U.S. history. Addiction destroys marriages, breaks up families, ends careers, leads to financial ruin and all too often ends in overdose and death. At New Paradigm Recovery, we offer individualized addiction recovery services that account for the physical, mental, and spiritual damage left in the wake of opiate and opioid addiction.


Prescription drug abuse has become the most dominant addiction threat of the modern era. For the last three years, prescription-related overdose deaths have surpassed those of heroin and cocaine combined. Although they are effective in the treatment of chronic pain, prescription pills like Xanax, Librium, and Klonopin can also be incredibly deadly. New Paradigm Recovery offers modern, cutting-edge medication addiction treatment as part of our IOP-level of care.

Drug and alcohol intervention

Loved ones of addicts and alcoholics shoulder a great burden. They live their lives under constant stress due to addiction. On the other hand, the fear of confrontation often prevents them from offering true help to an their loved one. If alcohol has negatively impacted an individual's life and relationships, then help is urgently needed, and there are no people better empowered to help an alcoholic than their friends and family. By showing their support through an intervention, they just may be able to get their loved one into treatment, and save their life.


Codependency is defined as a relationship in which one person suffers from addiction to alcohol or drugs, and the other person is dangerously attached to the addict. Codependent parties will go to extreme and ill-advised lengths to make their loved one happy, including helping them perpetuate their addiction, feeling a compulsive need to please them. Seeking help for codependency will help at a minimum, but it may even serve to prevent a tragedy.


Dual diagnosis clients simultaneously suffer from a substance abuse issue and a mental health disorder. Drug or alcohol abuse is often indicative of an underlying mental health disorder. New Paradigm Recovery provides expert dual diagnosis treatment for any co-occurring disorders.  In fact, the foundation of our clinical care philosophy is to treat the whole client. We address both the symptoms of addiction and the mental well-being of an individual. We offer expert treatment for all co-occurring mental health disorders.

Family Program

Re-integrating back into a family is one of the most important stages of the recovery process. New Paradigm Recovery recognizes that addiction is a disease in which the whole family suffers, and from which the whole family can heal. We offer a family program to help families learn more about their role in the recovery of their loved one, while repairing their relationships in the process.

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One of the largest setbacks to a successful life of recovery from drugs or alcohol is a client’s inability to interact socially, free of any substance use.

Where many addiction rehabilitation centers focus strictly on treating addiction, failing to address the need to improve social skills. New Paradigm Recovery succeeds in total healing. We believe that concentrating on treating the client, as opposed to the addiction, results in a more complete and deeply rooted recovery. We understand that adequate social skills are vital to long-term addiction recovery success.

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