A lifetime of recovery consists of changing our lives.  Accordingly, addiction treatment incorporates a full and complete lifestyle change. This includes everything from diet to exercise habits, common hangouts and negative influences. Holistic addiction treatment targets a client's mind, body and soul for a deeper and longer-lasting recovery.

Be Restored through Holistic Addiction Treatment

Over 43 percent of drug and alcohol addicts are also suffering from a mental disorder of some kind. In most cases, it's these mental health issues which lead clients to substance abuse. In many other situations, a traumatic experience can lead people to abuse drugs and alcohol as a means of coping, eventually leading to addiction. Our goal at New Paradigm Recovery is to identify and treat these addiction causes first, and then manage any lingering addiction issues.

Address the Root Causes of Your Addiction

In our holistic addiction treatment approach, clients are treated using therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (evidenced-based CBT), Mindfulness, 12 Step models, Motivational Interviewing (evidence-based MI), trauma-informed modalities, and family-system therapies. These methods focus on isolating thought patterns and the negative associations clients have connected to them. This allows our therapists to assist clients in changing their habits in behavior, learning new methods of coping and moving past traumatic events and towards new attachments and relationships.

getting in touch with your spirituality

Our addiction specialists facilitate group and individual therapy sessions to educate clients about the steps they need to take to change their perspectives, beliefs, and lifestyle.

  • Learn healthier habits
  • Improve your physical health through exercise, health, and nutritional counseling
  • Explore new hobbies and talents
  • Gain greater mental clarity and stability through meditation
  • Find inner peace and raise your self confidence
  • Raise your chances for long-term success

Learn to Live Drug and Alcohol Free

One of the most difficult parts of any failed treatment effort is watching a client give up on recovery. They feel trapped in a cycle that always ends with them abusing one substance or another, helpless to change their behavior. We've successfully worked with clients from myriad backgrounds who have utilized holistic therapies to reinvent themselves in a life of sobriety.

Repair the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual damage caused by drug and/or alcohol addiction. Comprehensive holistic addiction treatment helps heal the whole person, rather than just focusing on the effects of addiction.

Self-Awareness Leads to Self-Control

One of the largest benefits of our holistic approach to treatment is the spiritual exploration and soul-searching it requires. People suffering from addiction have often forgotten who they were before substance abuse took hold. They've allowed the addiction and consequences to define them.

Our holistic program encourages practices such as meditation, yoga, or tai chi to encourage clients to become contemplative and reflective. The result is a deeper personal understanding of who we are and who we want to be. Empowered by getting to know ourselves all over again, clients in recovery can move forward in treatment knowing that addiction neither defines us nor controls who we are.

Spiritual therapy enables clients to focus on something greater than themselves; be it God, nature, the universe, etc. Once a client is in touch with who they are on the inside, they are better able to control their urges on the outside, and live a healthy life of feeling a part of something greater than themselves. This is the type of balanced healing that leads to prolonged happiness and peace.

The Mind-Body-Spirit Approach

Addiction attacks your body, controls your mind, and diminishes your spirit. To heal, we need to address all these factors. While many rehabilitation facilities focus on treating just the addiction, New Paradigm Recovery offers a comprehensive holistic addiction rehabilitation program that follows a total-healing approach.

By experiencing the relaxed nature of our facility, the expertise of our staff and the self-examination exercises of our holistic rehabilitation program, our clients are better able to enjoy continuous recovery long after their treatment has ended. When clients begin to better understand themselves on the inside, they're better able to exercise self-control on the outside.