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what are co-occurring disorders?

Dual diagnosis clients simultaneously suffer from a substance abuse issue and a mental disorder. Drug or alcohol abuse is usually the product of an underlying mental illness. New Paradigm Recovery is poised to be one of the leading dual diagnosis rehabilitation centers in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We provide expert dual diagnosis treatment for any co-occurring disorders and care that is appropriate based upon medical and psychological insight.

what are the disorders we usually see?

We have a credentialed and extensively trained staff of clinical professionals that have made invaluable contributions to the area of dual diagnosis treatment. We have based our entire treatment approach on the idea that for clients to experience lasting recovery, they must be treated for the mental illness that has contributed to substance abuse.

alcohol & depression

Depression is one of the most common causes of alcoholism. A person often starts drinking to cope with loss, stress, trauma and all other forms of adversity. Over time the relationship between alcohol and depression gets stronger until they are inextricably linked. Eventually the causes and effects of alcohol become one and the same, and the symptoms are exacerbated by the cause. New Paradigm Recovery treatment programs help clients to explore the origins of their depressive disorders, learn alternative ways to manage them, and work towards the goal of living a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Trauma Recovery

Trauma is defined as a singular or repeated incident that has caused significant long-term damage in a person's past and has negatively impacted their ability to move on with their lives. It affects relationships, general life progress, mental health and quality of life.

Our trauma recovery treatment program will help clients who have suffered traumatic experiences face the demons of their past and develop new coping mechanisms to improve their lives in the present.

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a personality disorder that causes dramatic shifts in mood, ranging from more active (“manic”) to depressive symptoms. Once referred to as manic depression, it is most frequently detected initially in young adults between their late teens and mid-20's. People suffering from bipolar disorder often have trouble at work, school and in relationships due to the instability of their behavior. Many self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, requiring rehabilitation at a facility offering bipolar disorder treatment.

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Anger Management

Anger is a basic, healthy human emotion and an important part of life. To express occasional anger is normal and even necessary. However, when that anger negatively impacts a person's relationships and drives them toward destructive and dangerous behavior, it's time to seek professional help in the form of anger management treatment. The people who are most often affected by an individual's chronic anger are friends and loved ones, who often ignore or hide the pain that their loved one is causing in an effort to maintain a false sense of harmony in the relationship.

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Anxiety Disorder

We all face many responsibilities in almost every phase of our lives, from the pressure to do well in school, to starting and raising a family, to properly planning for retirement and beyond. With all the stress that we encounter throughout our lives, it's easy to see why over 40 million Americans are diagnosed with some sort of anxiety disorder each year. Of these individuals, 6 million suffer from a severe panic disorder which drastically inhibits their quality of life. Anxiety management treatment can help suffering clients learn to deal with stress in a healthy way, without resorting to drugs and alcohol.

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Expert Professional Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

The foundation of our clinical care philosophy is to treat the whole client. We address both the symptoms of addiction and the mental well-being of an individual. We offer expert treatment for a host of personality and mood disorders.

It's been reported that over 20 million Americans suffer from some sort of disorder. Left untreated, they often turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping. Our expert professionals are trained to identify clients' hidden mental illness and establish the origins of their addictions to provide quality counseling and treatment. Clients are often unaware that they suffer from co-occurring disorders until our therapists illustrate how their mood disorder led to drug and alcohol abuse.

Integrated, Evidenced-Based Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We begin with a psychological assessment followed by detox, a staff-supervised process of removing the drug from the client’s body while managing the harsh withdrawal symptoms that can occur. Using 12-step models in addition to other recovery-based models, in combination with in-depth group and individual counseling, our mental health professionals help identify overlapping symptoms of clients' substance abuse and mood disorders and work to help them manage the stress and trauma triggered by both. The primary goal of dual diagnosis treatment is to empower clients to address their mental disorder without having to turn to drugs and alcohol.

During dual diagnosis rehabilitation, we work with a variety of specialized practitioners who are well versed in experiential therapies.  Whenever possible, medication is also administered to help clients manage their depression and anxiety.

Next Steps...

Having a pre-existing diagnosis of a personality or mood disorder is not a sentence to a lifetime of confusion and hopelessness.  Contact us today at New Paradigm Recovery to learn how we can help.