Family Addiction Education & Support

New Paradigm Recovery offers a family addiction education and support group for families and significant others of current and former clients. Additionally, individualized family treatment sessions are often a part of client treatment plans.  The group helps families gain valuable knowledge and insight regarding their loved one's post-treatment needs and the family's role in their loved one's recovery. Our group is open to loved ones of active drug or alcohol abusers, sober recovery clients, and clients currently in treatment.

Family in Park

Education and Empowerment for Families

In addition to educating families regarding the disease of addiction and the importance of family involvement, the family addiction education and support group allows clients to exchange ideas about how to live with a loved one's addiction and what to do after they complete treatment. Family members learn not only how to help a loved one who struggles with addiction, but also the importance of helping themselves. As they begin to focus on bettering their own lives for the sake of both themselves and their addicted loved one, their efforts toward self-care will inspire and empower the entire family unit.


Family Addiction Education Meetings

Meetings are free of charge and often feature the following topics of discussion:

  • Addiction as disease
  • Family disease concept
  • What to expect with a loved one in treatment
  • Codependent relationships and enabling
  • Boundaries and detachment
  • Self-care for family members

Loved ones of clients of any our partner facilities are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Learn the facts about addiction and your role in your loved one's recovery through our family addiction education and support group. Meetings are open to family members of substance abusers, family members of clients in treatment and family members of clients in recovery. Call New Paradigm Recovery to ask any questions.


Family and Couples Counseling

Re-integrating back into a family is one of the most important stages of the recovery process. New Paradigm Recovery recognizes that addiction is a disease in which the whole family suffers, and from which the whole family can heal. We offer individualized, private family therapy and/or couples counseling to help families learn more about their role in the recovery of their loved one, while repairing their relationships in the process.

Why is family counseling important?

  • Addiction education - where participants join other families - to learn about their role in their loved one’s recovery.
  • Participants learn how their behavior has affected their loved one’s addiction and how each has impacted the others lives. This also includes an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step Programs, and an exploration of the family dynamic.
  • Families learn how anger affects their lives and how their past has contributed to their handling of their loved one’s addiction.
  • Through exercises families continue their healing by processing emotions. This gives family members the opportunity to practice the catharsis of letting go. They also begin the establishment of healthy communication and boundaries.
  • Coping skills and self-care. It is difficult to distinguish between caring for someone and codependent enabling. However, participants develop a thorough understanding of this concept.