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Drug Rehabilitation Washington DC

Proudly serving Washington DC and surrounding Northern Virginia communities.

New Paradigm Recovery is located in Tyson’s Corner and primarily serves individuals and families in and around Washington, DC. Our team members, among the most experienced clinicians and professionals in the region, live in the DC community. We provide high-quality addiction treatment to serve people seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation. New Paradigm Recovery is a concierge-style provider providing clients and families with highly individualized intensive outpatient treatment services, outpatient mental health treatment, and psychiatric prescribing.

Drug rehabilitation Washington DC

Not all drug rehabilitation in Washington DC is the same

Finding treatment providers who understand Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia lifestyles, the pressures of high-demand careers, and the needs of active-duty military service members, government employees, and licensed professionals can be challenging. However, treatment teams familiar with local residents’ challenges can make treatment more efficient, effective, and comfortable. While this region is home to many excellent treatment provider organizations, New Paradigm specializes in crafting highly personalized drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment plans for people experiencing complex conditions, for whom previous treatment may have been ineffective, and those with histories of trauma and family system issues.

Comprehensive and Convenient Drug Rehabilitation for Washington DC and Surroundings

New Paradigm Recovery offers multiple levels of care, flexible clinical hours, convenient individual and group therapies, and takes a holistic approach to treatment. We provide an especially comprehensive case management service and consider numerous aspects of our clients’ lives, relationships, and goals to make a more significant and lasting impact.

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If you or someone you love needs help with substance use or mental health disorders, please contact a team member at 703.214.5888.

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