What is treatment?

When it comes to treating drug and alcohol dependency, many drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs center their focus solely on the effects of the addiction. At New Paradigm Recovery, we've found that substance abuse issues are often symptoms of another disorder or the result of a traumatic experience. Therefore, our philosophy is to treat the individual and the underlying causes of the addiction, not just their symptoms.

It's not uncommon for drug and alcohol abuse to co-exist, whether it’s mixing pills with alcohol or nurturing two parallel addictions simultaneously. New Paradigm Recovery offers comprehensive treatment programs to clients struggling with singular and multiple addictive disorders, helping them to restore them to health and independence.

Why seek treatment?

One of the main reasons addicts fail to break substance abuse habits on their own is that they are repeatedly placed back in the same toxic environments and circumstances. Since they haven't yet learned how to modify their behavior and their responses, it is sometimes critical that they receive intensive treatment included as part of their everyday lives. The intensive outpatient rehabilitation program at New Paradigm Recovery provides discrete, comfortable, expert substance abuse care in a safe and supportive environment where our respect for your confidentiality and privacy are paramount.

We create a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan catered to our clients' specific needs - which can include detox through a licensed medical partner and a specialized combination of therapies. This, coupled with our group and individual counseling, allows clients to identify and address the root of their substance abuse issues rather than the symptoms.

We also provide family therapy and education so that the people closest to our clients can have a full understanding of what addiction is, how it's formed, their role in helping their loved one recover while also receiving the support, guidance, and understanding they need. It's during this time that we see family bonds strengthened through family adversity, rather than falling apart because of it.

Addiction Can Be Defeated, Let Us Lead the Way

There is hope and possibility when dealing with addiction – and this is not a path that anyone needs to walk alone. Call us today at New Paradigm Recovery and open the door to a new life free from addiction.

What if i have other diagnoses?

The longer you wait to act, the stronger the grip of addiction grows - and we understand that other disorders often exist. New Paradigm Recovery relies on decades of collective experience in helping people reclaim their lives from chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. We're eager to help you or your loved one become our next success story.