Vlog: The Role of EAPs with Spring Health Director of Strategic Alliances Ben Britton

Expert insight on Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and how they help people access care and reduce the broadscale impacts of behavioral health disorders

New Paradigm Recovery CEO and New Paradigm Co-Founder and Spring Health Director of Strategic Alliances Ben Britton discuss the role of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) in reducing behavioral health stigma and increasing treatment access.

The stigma surrounding mental health disorders, including addictive and dual-diagnosis disorders, stimies public awareness and makes it harder for people to seek treatment. Despite large-scale public education efforts in recent years, most people experiencing mental health disorders will not receive care from qualified professionals. People who overcome the fear of stigma face challenges in finding, accessing, and affording care. Employee Assistance Programs can significantly reduce barriers to treatment. 

EAP expert Ben Britton, who openly discusses his mental healthcare experiences to help others, identifies treatment-seeking barriers, including the fear of job loss or career limitation, finding qualified specialists, and the cost of care. Spring Health, and other employee assistance programs, are in the business of partnering with employers and insurance plans to make the process of seeking and accessing medical care easier. Receiving treatment has far-reaching benefits for patients, families, companies, and society. While effective care helps to drastically improve one’s quality of life and potentially reduce the risks of suicide and the need for medications, a healthier and better-adjusted workforce reduces overall healthcare costs and increases productivity. 

One of the most challenging aspects of finding treatment is knowing which providers to seek out. The nuances of specialized care providers can be opaque to healthcare consumers. Identifying high-quality, appropriately-skilled resources is another area where EAPs like Spring Health can help. Experts who assist individuals and companies in locating providers have significant knowledge and resources that make finding the right provider options easier and faster. They help people understand how to utilize their in-network and out-of-network healthcare benefits to pay for treatment.

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