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Addiction is Close to Home in Northern Virginia

At New Paradigm Recovery, we know how important it is to dispel the myths about addiction. Misinformation, stigma, and shame often prevents diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately recovery. Many people believe that addiction is a problem that exists elsewhere– in rural Appalachian communities or in gritty inner-city housing projects. The fact of the matter is that substance abuse does not discriminate, and addiction is a real problem everywhere, even in Fairfax County, VA. 

According to county statistics, opioids are the top cause of unnatural death in Fairfax County, VA., “There were 94 opioid deaths in the Fairfax Health District in 2020; 87 involved fentanyl.” Furthermore, over 700 doses of naloxone, an overdose prevention medication, were administered by EMTs in Fairfax County in 2020.1 These numbers tell heartbreaking stories of our friends, coworkers, and neighbors who suffer from addiction, who for many, do not get the help they need in time. These statistics are stories of family tragedies and lost hope. 

New Paradigm Recovery is an intensive outpatient addiction treatment center in Tysons, VA dedicated to helping our community heal from addiction and find new life in recovery. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment includes individual, group, and family counseling designed to establish strong foundations for lasting recovery. As we enter a new calendar year, we hope to see the next year’s statistics change so that we can write new stories of hope, resilience, and recovery together.

1 Opioid Use. Fairfax County Virginia. Retrieved December 15, 2021, from https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/community-services-board/heroin-opioids/county-facts

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