A Conversation with Dr. Cindy Sample

New Paradigm Recovery CEO Joey Zabel and Clinical Director Cindy Sample, Ph.D., discuss the intensive outpatient addiction treatment program, its modalities and approaches, and how it serves its clients and their family members. 

Sample, who has more than 25 years of experience, brings a refined perspective to her work and her direction for the New Paradigm Recovery’s psychotherapeutic programming. Sample is a classically trained psychoanalyst who places particular importance on creating a strong and safe-feeling therapeutic rapport as the basis for productive long-term clinical work. Sample believes establishing a close, trust-based relationship with clients is essential to improving successful treatment outcomes. 

In addition to covering some basics of New Paradigm Recovery’s clinical approaches and some of the therapies it utilizes, this conversation touches on some nuances that make New Paradigm an especially effective resource for its clients. Some of these areas include educating clients and families about the medical model of addiction, coordinating psychiatric prescribing services with psychotherapeutic treatment, and understanding that addictive disorders — whether process or substance — are often maladaptive responses to unaddressed childhood traumas or inadvertent avoidances of life stressors.