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Katie Sullivan, Staff Therpist

Katie Sullivan


Staff Therapist

Born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia, therapist Katie Sullivan joins the New Paradigm Recovery Team with an inherent sense of the DC-area lifestyles and pressures that shape life for local individuals and families seeking help with substance use and mental health disorders. With a calling to help people affected by addiction, relatable life experiences, and the therapeutic skills needed to establish a resonant rapport, Katie offers a powerful alliance with New Paradigm Recovery clients and family members.

New Paradigm Recovery offers Katie a clinical practice aligned with her strengths and interests. “One reason I am so excited to join New Paradigm is its focus on family systems and its willingness and ability to do what is needed to truly help clients. In my experience, family work is an essential aspect of treatment, but not enough providers go far enough to involve and educate family members in treatment. It’s different here. This is a program that understands that addiction extends beyond the identified client and that creating safe spaces for people to establish lasting recovery depends on supportive family and friends.” 

You can immediately tell that this is a client-centered program. Every team member knows every client, and there is excellent cooperation to surround clients with services. Treatment is planned and delivered based on evolving client needs, and treatment plans can change to benefit clients. Unfortunately, providers that are dependent on insurance approvals cannot always offer this level of service and flexibility, but it makes a very real difference in client outcomes. Another thing many people don’t realize is how much more efficient we can be when the burden of insurance paperwork is reduced. We still keep excellent clinical notes, but the ability to spend less time doing paperwork and more time treating clients is a game-changer.

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