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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. At New Paradigm Recovery in Northern Virginia, we believe in the importance of mental health awareness, education, and treatment so that more people can achieve good mental health, so that stigmas can be erased, and so that efficient policies can be instated to promote good mental health. Our intensive outpatient program for treating addiction at New Paradigm includes dual diagnosis treatment; we believe addressing an individual’s comprehensive mental health is essential to providing a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Dual diagnosis clients simultaneously experience a substance abuse issue and another mental health disorder. Other disorders might include depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Drug or alcohol abuse often correlates with an underlying mental health disorder. Sometimes the addiction is a result of self-medication for the other disorder, but sometimes the other disorder is a consequence of addiction or the circumstances that accompany addiction; either way, these issues go hand-in-hand and can seriously impact a person’s ability to recover.

New Paradigm Recovery provides expert dual diagnosis treatment for any co-occurring disorders.  The foundation of our clinical care philosophy is to treat the whole client because anything that affects your life affects your recovery. We address both the symptoms of addiction and the mental well-being of an individual. We offer expert treatment for all co-occurring mental health disorders. For more information about how you can treat your mental health and find recovery from addiction, contact us today. 

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